Life has been a roller coaster!

I have been away for a little while now! Sorry!!! So many things have been going on in our life. We’ve been planning our wedding and we are in our last week countdown until our big day! I’m super excited! I can hardly stand it. We’ve had to change the venue and just about everything else that was originally set up from the beginning due to weather or unforeseen circumstances! But in 7 days, my grandma will be walking me down the aisle to the man of my dreams to say yes I do for the rest of my life in front of God and everybody! This is a big time in our life together!

Since my last post we’ve made some changes on our farm. We got rid of the goats and added pigs! Something that helps feed us in the end and helps us be a little more self sufficient! They are the cutest things though! We’ve made some changes to the inside of the house. Planning a big remodel in my kitchen! But our goal is to be on more land in a few years!

I decided to go to school so that I can possibly work from home! I’d love that. Being away from the kids and from home so much is killing me. But in two years fingers crossed, I’ll have my associates degree and I’ll be making big changes and doing what’s better for our family. I’m super excited about this!

Im going to try to keep posting every day, it sucks that I got out of the rythym of things for so long!




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