Wedding Planning Journey

imageAs you all know, I am planning our wedding. We are getting married in April. We are so excited. But let me tell you this…This is one of the most STRESSFUL things I have ever done. It really is so much funwatching all of it come together slowly but surely. We still have so much to do though. We picked a caterer: deposit done. My wedding dress: ordered. My wedding boots: bought. Photographers: booked, the colors: picked, the invitations: Ordered, addressed and ready to send. But man, oh man, is this stressful. It is mostly not knowing what can go wrong between now and then.We still have so much to do.

Recently, I went into Cavender’s here in our town. It’s a small Cavender’s, it doesn’t have the big women’s selection that the bigger ones have. Treasures of a small town. But, I got the job done. I made the decision to wear boots a while ago. I want the rustic and country feel to our wedding. We are getting married here on our family farm. You can’t get more rustic than that. I have this vision of what I want to look like on our wedding day and honestly I will probably change my mind about 17 times between now and then about my hair, but I am determined to wear boots. So as I am standing there in front of shelves upon shelves of boots that I really like, I start kind of freaking out. The girl that was working comes over and asks if I need any help, as if I wasn’t making this hellacious on myself already. Goodness, now I get to bring in a recruit for my indecisive mind. LOL! She had no idea what she was getting herself into. I looked at her and asked if she could tell. lol! I was lost. I knew what I wanted just couldn’t find and she takes me to another wall of just shelves and shelves of boots. She takes one off the shelf and I try it on and as soon as that happened, I fell in love with those boots. So comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. I walked out of there not so flustered about that anymore. She was a great help. I was so picky as to match my dress and not clash. It almost went full crazy! You don’t ever go full crazy! LOL!!!

SO…I walk out happy with my boots. My NEW worry, I need cute boot socks to wear with them so they look cute in the pictures lol! Goodness!

We had our wedding cake tasting and I could’ve picked just about all the cupcakes for my wedding lol! I love sweets, especially a cake that is as delicious as the ones that our baker makes. This wasn’t the first time that we had any of the sweets that she makes. But it was the first time that we had tasted these flavors. I was thoroughly impressed. We are simple people and we wanted the simple cake. So vanilla and chocolate marble it is with vanilla and strawberry filled cupcakes.

Most of all, it’s getting the small things done and ready to go. Shirts and dresses, boots for all the kids. And I have the most amazing friend that is letting us use her giant yard to have our wedding. So that’s always exciting. Our wedding won’t be huge but it will be special. I’m thoroughly excited and very blessed.

Thanks for the read.

God Bless

-Munchkin Momma

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