What to do when…


What do you do when you child comes to you and she’s questioning her faith?

Meet our oldest..our ten year old daughter. She’s hitting puberty, she’s struggling with who she is, she’s trying to be more grown up than she really is because she’s the oldest of our four children. There is a stress on her to be an example because the younger three look up to her. She’s trying to learn how to be a young lady, she likes trying to figure out how I cook and clean. She doesn’t get that it takes much much more. She has always loved Jesus. She thrives in church. She reads her bible. She memorizes her verses for Sunday school. She loves knowing we are going to church on Sundays. She gets upset on the occasional Sunday that we may have to miss because I may have to work or one of us is too sick to make that appearance in church.

This week we were faced with her not understanding why she couldn’t hear God anymore. She wasn’t sure why after all this time, why she doesn’t feel him.

So how in the world do I as a mom deal with this?

It started out like a normal day, she went to school, came home, all the normal stuff. That evening our eight year old came to me and said that our oldest had been upset and saying she isn’t sure that she believes in God anymore. Well, this stopped us both in our tracks because she had never expressed this to us before. So, I sent our eight year to go get her. When she came in the room, we had her sit and explain to us what was going on. She said that she hadn’t heard God in a while and she was struggling. And that she had some bad dreams about her daddy getting hurt. (We have been dealing with a bacterial infection, not sure what from, but it seemed to have happened around the time he was on some medication that could have killed some good bacteria that is in his intestines). She was not aware of this and just knew that he was going to the doctor. She then broke down in tears and I sat there breathless and stunned, no words, just unsure what to say.

Then it hit me. What did both my nana and my husband tell me when I was struggling with my faith as an adult because I wasn’t sure why I was going through the things I was going through? They both said in not so many words….

“When everything is quiet and you can’t hear God, it doesn’t mean that He is not there. He is listening and He is with you. Sometimes there are things that try and fight you when everything is okay to try and tear you down. When you are firm in your Faith, something will try and destroy it. Satan will always try to let doubt enter your heart. And when it comes time to fight him, God is there with you. He is teaching you…strength, patience, understanding, and most importantly…Faith. Faith in Him, in you, in your support system.”

Then we prayed and few days later we watched God’s Not Dead 2 and it was reiterated for her.


Even when God is quiet, He is there. Listening, waiting, and teaching. You are loved. Never forget that.

-Munchkin Momma


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