Our First Day of School Adventure



So…our first day of school adventure started off very interesting. I was supposed to get up at 5 am with my wonderful husband to make it to the gym…DIDN’T HAPPEN! He had food poisoning the day before and still felt like crap. So, I let him rest while I laid there staring at the ceiling. Around 545, I finally got up and started to make breakfast for my four snot nosed burger monsters and make their lunches knowing dang well they don’t even get up for another hour. At this point, I’m trying to figure out why I am even doing this WITHOUT my morning coffee…I make coffee. HAHAHAHA. My alarm goes off at 645 am, scaring the crap out of me as well as reminding me that I need to get the kids up for school because it is our oldest son’s very first day of school ever! He wasted no time making sure he was putting his outfit from the night before that he so carefully laid out. He’s 4 and cares very deeply about those kinds of things lol. So..now all the kids are up and I have to make sure they brush their hair and teeth and preferably not with the same brush to do both. lol. They had to let the dogs outside so they could go potty, get all their stuff together for school, as well as help with the morning farm chores. Not a big deal at all. We got this down pretty good until something like food poisoning keeps a family member down and out for the count. *ding ding ding* We got to do this all without the daddy…we managed! So daddy has to get up because he is going to help me take all four of these little monsters out. Three are going to school and one to the new sitter whom he absolutely adores. He loves going to her house. So…we do this. And of course, the worst part is yet to come. Our 4 year old is starting Pre-K. Our oldest runs off to her class room after she gives me love. Our youngest daughter runs off to her classroom after she gives me love. Our oldest son…the 4 year old in our life is ready to practically run away from me to his classroom. He did take a picture with me and was all kinds of excited because I got his new ninja turtle shell backpack in the picture. He put his backpack up and then went and found a chair, but guess what? No love for momma. He was so excited to be at school he totally forgot about me. He did give me a hug when I asked for it and then he gave me a kiss and told me that he would miss me. That made me happy. Then I got to the car and practically broke down on my husband’s shoulder because my baby boy didnt need me anymore. What the heck? Why do they have to grow up? But I was happy that he wasn’t like the other kids that practically had a melt down in the class because his mom was leaving him. So, I can’t complain too much. They all had a good day and they thoroughly enjoyed being at school.


Thanks for reading about our adventure!

God Bless

-Munchkin Momma


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