Broken Silence

TRIGGER WARNING!!!! This is going to be a rant and I am breaking my silence.

I, myself, am not very political. I am more into the things I can to better myself and be more efficient on our farm. I am more worried about my kids and my husband. I am more focused on going to church on Sundays and making sure I get to work on time. I am focused on my family life as you can clearly tell in all the things I write about. So this may be a shocker but I am breaking my silence. Just FYI, this will not be very lady like or Christian of me. And Lord I hope you can forgive. AMEN!

I don’t get flustered easily when it comes to whatever the hell is going on with politics. I have kept my mouth shut about all this nonsense going on for a while. I have listened to my husband go on and on about the movement to ban guns and all these stupid gun free zones. First off, I don’t think any cop in their right mind would be willing to walk into a home and say “Hey Man, Hillary says you gotta give up your guns.” My response…F YOU IN THE A!!! Get the hell out of here. No one is going to come into my house and deny me the right to protect my family against anyone foreign or domestic. SCREW THAT SHIT!!! No one else can have weapons except the person that protects you in the white house. What the hell ever! We live out in the country….WE ARE 911!!!! No cop in town is going to make it to our house in time. What do you want me to do…invite the burglar in for tea before I get robbed and/or raped, or my kids get harmed, God forbid my husband not be home…You are out of your ever lovin’ mind if you think I am just going to hand over my guns. Go screw yourself.

Safe spaces, really? Life, itself is going to smack you right in the face. It’s not bright sunshine and unicorns puking rainbows. It’s crazy hard. So what if you get your feelings hurt. Grow up. Life is going to kick your ass over and over and over…deal with it. You are an adult. Quit hiding behind your mom’s skirt. Cut the apron strings and stand on your own. Quit being a big baby and whining like a little girl because someone said something mean. My daughters are tougher than you and they aren’t even out of elementary school. WIMP!!!!

And Black lives Matter…okay? Because your life is any more important than mine, NO! Sorry to rain on your parade…It’s not. I’ve watched so many videos over the last two days where little wanna be thugs, try and beat up innocent people because they want to fit in. I watched this “thug” attack an innocent Asian guy for the delivery food. The “cameraman” was egging it on. “Push him again.” Until he got his ass beat by the Asian guy…guess who jumped in…A BLACK COUPLE…wondering what the hell this kid was doing…if he had gotten shot and killed, we would’ve only seen that he was loving and caring and loved his family and was a “good” student in school. Yada yada yada…*cough bullshit cough* I just watched him try to jump an innocent man because his little fat pudgy ass thought it was cool. Black lives aren’t any more important than white lives, blue lives, purple lives, green lives. Pretty sure God does not discriminate. I am HISPANIC (MEXICAN), you don’t see me whining like a little punk because I am not on food stamps and my “monthly” check ain’t coming in…I work for everything I have. I AM a Minority…I don’t expect handouts. I have  a career and support my kids. I watched a video today of a girl that has 4 kids, unmarried, and has been on welfare for 12 years…Where does this become okay? When asked if she was okay with this…no hesitation, she said yes. She gets a monthly check…you know what that sounds like….a lazy piece of crap living off my tax dollars because of an unwillingness to do anything else but get a check from the state. The white side of my family didn’t own slaves, I don’t think any black person can use that damn excuse anymore…you didn’t live through it. I don’t owe you shit and I don’t feel bad for it. I didn’t do anything wrong to you and neither did my family. Black people were sold into slavery to white people by other black people…bet that wasn’t spoken of. I don’t think anyone deserves a handout regardless of color, if they are so unwilling to help themselves. That is just so beyond ridiculous.

Then you have Hillary Clinton and her bullshit….SERIOUSLY? Who in their right mind who vote for a woman that was the reason behind innocent men dying, you have got to be the dumbest idiot on the face of the planet. She rigged her way into the position she is in now…you really want to have THAT run our freaking country??? Are you serious right now? That alone says she can’t be freaking trusted!!! This election is seriously a battle between two evils and the vote is going to come down to who is the lesser of these two evils and in all honesty, if you don’t see that Hillary is definitely the more evil one…you are blind as a bat. Pathetic! I’m done with my rant. I’m gonna go kiss my kids good night and cuddle with my husband…I really wish all the ignorance would just subside. It’s so irritating.


Lord, forgive me for this rant. You made me a strong woman and I needed to say it. Thank you for this beautiful, blessed life you have given me. Amen.

God Bless Guys

-Munchkin Momma


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