Living with an intorvert…

So, my husband wanted me to read an article earlier that he found on twitter. So I did. It was about the differences between introverts (him) and extroverts (me). I have known that he was an introvert since we met. I just didn’t understand what it truly meant to be with an introvert.

He wanted me to read this article to kind of further understand that he didn’t make this choice to be this way. It’s the way his brain works. Not just because he has a genius IQ level, but his brain truly does not function the way mine does and I have had a hard time completely understanding it.

He and I are so a like yet so different at the same time. He is a home body, I am as well but I also like going into town to do things with the kids or to go do something just for us. I am a woman after all, lol. He, would much rather watch movies at home, I like this also, but I as an extrovert also enjoy going to enjoy the buttery sweetness of movie popcorn while being able to enjoy watching a movie on a ginormous screen. He hates going to the store, I don’t really mind it. I like shopping, he hates it! I like gatherings with our friends, although he can only handle a handful of all of us together at a time. It drains him and I didn’t really understand what it meant until about a year ago. We were having a party for our daughter here at home. Slowly our guests started showing up and I noticed that he slowly starting getting a little more panicked. He didn’t really show it too much, he didn’t want our daughter to notice, I’m assuming. By the time we had a full house, I could tell he was ready for them to all go away and he wanted to go in the room and just relax. I didn’t full understand it until I started doing some research on the difference between us. I thrive when we have guests. I am a social butterfly and he is the opposite but not quite a hermit. This was the first time I had seen that it really bothered him and maybe I should try to help.

Getting used to this has been a process…I am spending the rest of my life with this man and it is something that I have to accommodate. It’s not something I can just push aside and hope it goes away. He has come out of his shell somewhat in the last year. I don’t push anymore like I used to. I used to want him to get over it and just do it. I was very pushy, not completely understanding why he couldn’t just put it aside and do this or that with me. After a lot of reading, I understand it now and I understand that I will never be able to change him. It’s in his brain and how he functions. I have come to terms with that and I don’t try to change him. I work around it. We do smaller get togethers and they don’t last as long so that it doesn’t completely drain him. I don’t push him to go do things outside the house with the kids. We have found fun ways inside to keep ourselves entertained and I have to say I much rather enjoy it as just us and not a bunch of people crowding us. He seems to like it much more that way. I don’t push for him to go to the mall with me. I take the girls instead. And if he does go, we don’t stay long. He enjoys that too.

It takes patience but when you love someone…it’s worth it.


God Bless

-Munchkin Momma


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