How to be strong when you feel weak…

This is a small title for such a big worry…let me start by saying this…Whatever you are going through is temporary. It will get better and don’t you ever settle for less than what  you are worth.

So…I got this idea to give my opinion from two important ladies in my life. One is one of my besties and the other is a new found friend whom God put in my life in a funny way…he seems to have a funny way of introducing people. So both of these ladies mean a lot to me and I have both their backs and that won’t ever change.

So let me give you a little back story….

My bestie Jennifer, I met her when my ex-husband moved us out to a small po-dunk town in west Texas. My little girl was in school and every day after school, I would pick her up in the pick up line at her elementary school. I saw Jenny and her husband all the time in the line. Not a big deal…other parents picking up their kids. Well one day, her husband was wearing a ninja turtle shirt and my oldest son absolutely loves ninja turtles, so somehow he (her husband) and I got into a conversation about the ninja turtles and how great the movies were. No big deal, casual conversation between parents. Well the next day, back in line waiting to pick up our kids,  Jenny was there and we started talking about her oldest being in boy scouts and how he was selling yummy kettle popcorn (my weakness!!). I ordered some…fast forward about a week and we found ourselves standing next to each other in line to pick up our kiddos and well that was the beginning of our amazing and blessed friendship.

Now…that leaves this other interesting story…So, she is my ex husband’s soon to be ex-wife. The step mother to my boys. Hilarious…right? Are you laughing yet? LOL. She and I at one point hated each other with a passion and I couldn’t stand the sight of her, I’m sure she felt the same. Well…this came to light that all the hate and disgust shared between the two of us was not us, at all. It was in fact, a mutual person that seemed to have a big part in how we came to be friends. The Ex.

So these two ladies from two walks of life happen to be going through the most rough time at the moment. And as weak as they feel, they are two of the most strongest women I have ever met. So how do I be the shoulder they need when they are falling apart from so far away? I be there and I listen. I reach out and offer words of encouragement. I do what I can from afar because we all live in different places.

Jenny’s husband was in a horrible accident a few weeks ago so she has been completely focused on being there for him, understandable. Courtney left the ex because he did to her what he did to me and now he is trying to screw her over, she’s not letting him. Jenny has been there for her husband since all this happened, I would do the same thing. Courtney has had her bad days. She started school going after a career and isn’t able to spend as much time with her own kiddos and has thought about quitting. People think Jenny is horrible for not spending time with them and they are mean and hateful towards her which hurts her and that’s not fair to her. Courtney has thought about breaking down and going back to him. I gave my advice about that.

These two ladies are doing their best for their families.They are both like family to me. If you too, are going through something like this, well understand this, IT IS TEMPORARY! This will get better. And people’s true colors come out when you are in need. Those who are ugly to you when you are down, have no place in your life. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. If they can’t weather the storm with you then why should they enjoy get the chance to enjoy the sunshine with you. You are strong! You will get through this! You are loved! You are important! And don’t let anyone make you feel or tell you any different. Life is all about challenges and in those challenges, I believe, God weeds out the ones that aren’t good for you. Smile and take everything that happens to you as a stepping stone to make you stronger and more awesome. You are incredible! Don’t ever give up on yourself. If you need someone to just listen to you…reach out to me. I’ll listen. I’ll give my advice if you want it. I’ll help build you up. Most importantly, God is there for you.

Just open up.

God Bless

-Munchkin Momma


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