Marriage Advice from me to you…

So…this last week has been full of all kinds of trials from work life and home life. My husband and I have been through a lot in our past and there are still trials and frustrations we deal with day to day…but who doesn’t, right? But we must trust and understand each others visions. He may not like the way I see something and I may not like the way he sees something, at that crossroads we must compromise and that is what marriage is all about. Compromise, communication, respect for one another, and love. We must give and take equally.

“Life is hard. Be patient with your spouse when he or she is going through tough times or facing trials. Assure him or her of your support and prayers. You may not have answers to your spouse’s problems, but knowing that you care makes his or her burdens lighter and [more] bearable. “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2) Isaac Kubvoruno

We read the book ” 5 Love Languages” not necessarily together but we read it essentially around the same time so that we could work on better understanding each other and filling each other’s love tank. We each have our own ways of seeing that we are loved by the other. He is more so the kind of man that likes to be appreciated through compliments. And I am more the type of person that loves things being done to help me. Like when he does the dishes before  I get home to help me after a long day, he’s filled one of my love language and then I reciprocate with a compliment about how he did an amazing job and I thank him, I then fulfill one of his love languages. It is all about a give and take to work as a team. You can’t have one person doing all the giving and one person doing all the taking. It’s not fair to either side in the relationship.

You must understand that there is always some outside source that is trying to demolish what you so earnestly built with love and grace. And when those moments happen, you have to choose one of two roads. Are you going to let it interfere and ruin you and your relationship? OR Are you going to hold steadfast with grace and love and choose the higher road? What you do with this determines the rest of your life. My husband and I started out on a rough path. I had to choose what was more important to me. Do I choose to walk away and never turn back or do I choose to move forward and be happy in my life and never regret any decision I make.

“Face your marriage problems and find solutions for them. Avoiding problems does do not make them go away. Every problem is an opportunity for growth.” – Isaac Kubvoruno

My advice to you…and take this as you will…Pray and try to understand their position in all that is placed in front of you. Do not bash them or put them down and don’t demand what you are not willing to give. We must be open to our spouse, that is what communication is all about.

“Be an open book to your spouse. Don’t hide anything from your spouse. Openly communicate and let him or her know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling, even if you cannot fully explain it.” – Isaac Kubvoruno

We only get one life…do you want to love it and live it and know that you did your very best and you are happy? Or do you want to go through every day and know that you could’ve done something differently and live regretfully?

You are loved by God. Don’t feel that you need something or someone to make you happy. Don’t feel like you are settling. Be adventurous and have fun. Enjoy all the small moments as well as the big ones.

Until next time…

God Bless

-Munchkin Momma


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