my road to healthier living

Well….this road is and has been a long and difficult road! There have been so many choices made to make my life easier and healthier. I don’t mean the “eat a salad” healthier, I mean the work out, change all my eating habits, and make wise choices when grocery shopping and dining out kind of healthy. It all started when my husband and I were laying in bed one night and I had really bad heart palpitations. My husband rushed me to the hospital and that evening and I was sent home with a monitor that I had to wear for 48 hours so they could monitor me. Everything seemed to be fine until about a month later when my husband was on a business trip and I was home with our four children and I had another “episode”, I went the emergency room and I was diagnosed with hypertension and heart palpitations caused by something unknown. Me, a 25 year old woman at the time, diagnosed with all this. I was a wreck. I had no idea what to do. I have four kids to live for, a husband, a farm, all depending on me to be there. I had to do something. Something life changing…so I DID!

I was drinking soda, we were dining out a lot, we were downing energy drinks to stay awake later to get more done on the farm and at work, we ate more junk than anything that was really good for our bodies. With all this newness to being diagnosed and being advised to change my habits…I made a wise decision to change not only my habits but my family’s as well. Instead of making my meals separate from theirs, I chose to make the same meals for all of us. And cut out soda, energy drinks, and junk food. I made the choice to make my family better. And yes of course, I spoke with my husband about this first. I wanted his input…he was not on board at first. He was willing to try everything with me except the soda and energy drinks part…that man loved his Dr. Pepper and Red Bulls. But my goodness was he willing to try and take this journey with me.

And so it started. I cut out the soda. No more Dr. Pepper for me. *SIGH* 3 days and I was dying for another one…so I broke down and had one. I quickly regretted it, it tasted like a syrupy sugar water. It was horrible. So I restarted my journey. No more soda. All while making the choices to eat better. This part was really hard when I wanted a cheeseburger. I chose to cut out bread because  I have a sensitivity to gluten. Hardest decision EVER! I love biscuits and rolls! Especially when they are hot and fresh! I’m a sucker for hot rolls with butter. UGH!!! But I had to do this. So it continued…Fresh fruits, more veggies, better eating, no soda, no bread, and no junk food. I went to the doctor a few weeks later and I no longer had to take my medicine. And this is where my husband, who loved his Dr. Pepper and red bulls, jumped on-board. He had his moments of weakness, but he is doing great. We have kind of returned to the dining out more than usual lately due to our longer hours at work, but we make more healthy choices than we used to. But we are doing it and  I don’t have health issues anymore besides the usual flu or cold. It is much less stressful. The healthy choices are easy now. It’s a habit and not a choice anymore. I feel better and we sleep better. We have lost weight. We don’t feel gloomy and wasteful. It’s a good choice to make. If you are going through something similar, maybe you should try this. I will share some recipes I have made along the way that have been devoured by my four little snot nosed booger monsters and my crazy husband. Thank you for reading!!

God Bless

-Munchkin Momma


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